Winners and Losers of Vikings Preseason Week 2

The Vikings lost in another boring 12-10 game against the Indianapolis Colts in their second Preseason game of the year. These lists are in no particular order as well just listed.

5 Losers of todays game

1. The Whole Offense:

The Vikings offense as a whole was not very good aside from the offensive lines pass protection. The Vikings still have yet to score an offensive touchdown in 8 quarters of preseason football and the quarterback play has been horrendous on all levels. The bad quarterback play has also caused a lack of production from young wide receivers that we still have yet to see much from because they haven't gotten the ball.

2. Cameron Dantzler:

Cam Dantzler looked like a shining light in the dark of the 2020 cornerback room, and even with all the newly added guys most people thought that he had a good chance to start. Well...according to Mike Zimmer that thought is down the drain, Dantzler was demoted to 3rd-Team defense. To make matters even worse Mike Zimmer flat out said that 3rd-year cornerback Kris Boyd, someone fighting for his roster spot, has been better than him.

3. Kubiak Play Calling:

I know that it is preseason but I think its more frustrating play calling than bad play calling. As fans we want to see more passes and let Kellen Mond show us what he can do, not that Klint Kubiak cares what we want to see. I just hope that this does not carry over into the regular season and become an issue.

4. Jake Browning:

I think its time just to eat our words and say Browning had only one good practice. He straight up has not done anything other than lead half of a 2-minute drill where he ended up leading us to no points. Not that Kellen Mond did anything special, but there is absolutely no reason why Browning should be the QB2.

5. Zach Davidson:

Zach Davidson has been dissapointing so far this preseason. For a guy who is fighting for a roster spot he really hasn't done much if anything at all to help his case. I don't really see him making the team right now unless he has a crazy game but time is running out. I could see him staying withe team on the practice squad.

5 Winners of todays game

1. Bashaud Breeland:

Breeland made some really good plays in the limited amount of time that he played in the first half. Breeland played some really nice coverage on some plays and was able to tip a ball to result in a Pick 6. Breeland had a really nice run stop to prevent a first down on the first drive and came up clutch in the red-zone when he broke up a pass against Michael Pittman Jr. He really made a case to be the cornerback #1 of the newly revamped Mike Zimmer Defense.

2. Troy Dye:

Troy Dye was a guy who many fans saw as a promising young future linebacker for the team, after his 2020 rookie season that began to fade. This past preseason game performance he had shined some light back at the young linebacker with some hope that he can perform for the team. Troy Dye had the highlight of the game with a Pick 6 that came in the fourth quarter which would also be the only touchdown of the game for the Vikings. He also showed some nice blitzes and just overall improvement with a big bounce back game from the week prior.

3. Vikings Beefy Interior Defensive-Line:

The Vikings 2020 interior defensive line was by far the worst in the league, but with the additions of Michael Pierce, Dalvin Tomlinson and Sheldon Richardson we all knew it was going to be really good. We got a glimpse of this against the Colts in the first quarter with excellent run stopping/stuffing ability, good pass rush up the middle which they lacked extremely in 2020. In addition to those main three guys, Armon Watts and James Lynch both showed some nice flashes today. To be completely honest I would be content with any of the variations of Tomlinson-Pierce-Richardson-Watts starting as would most teams in the NFL.

4. Ihmir Smith-Marsette(Special Teams):

Ihmir Smith-Marsette may not have had a productive day at all on the offensive side of the ball but when it came to returning on special teams he had a solid day. ISM returned 2 kickoffs for 63 yards averaging 31.5 yards per return, including a risky Kickoff return which he ended up taking for 41 yards. ISM also returned one punt for a solid 17 yards, which would only come 10 yards shy of K.J. Osborn's 2020 Punt return campaign across 7 returns.

5. Kris Boyd:

Kris Boyd has become a fan favorite for many Vikings fans not only from being hilarious but also from his improved play this season. Boyd played a solid game for the Vikings, where he got promoted to cornerback #1 of the 2nd-Team Defense. Zimmer also mentioned that Boyd had been outperforming originally projected 2nd-year starting cornerback, Cameron Dantzler.

HM: Chad Beebe and Vikings O-Line Pass Blocking

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