Week 3: Winners & Losers vs Lions

Updated: Oct 11

The Vikings won 28-24 in a sloppy, but comeback win against the Detroit Lions that would move them to 2-1 on the season.

5 Winners of the game

1. KJ Osborn:

Finally, we got to see KJ get implemented more into the offense this week. KJ went for 73 yards on 5 catches, including a touchdown that would end up being the game-winning score late in the fourth quarter to complete the comeback. KJ Osborn once again shows he is one of the most clutch players on the team, whether it is to convert a 3rd down or score a touchdown to take the lead.

2. Kevin O'Connell:

O'Connell earned his second win as a head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. O'Connell is starting the season with an ideal record of 2-1 even after a terrible performance on MNF against the Eagles. It wasn't a pretty win, but it was a win and O'Connell showed some good things being a Head Coach. O'Connell won his first challenge as an HC and had very good game management throughout the game. It was also good to see Kevin get Thielen, Cook, and KJ going in the offense in this game.

3. Patrick Peterson:

Patrick Peterson continues to have a pretty good season for the Vikings. Peterson had some very clutch pass breakups on important downs and looked good out there against a fast group of opposing receivers.

4. Adam Thielen:

Once again, finally, we got to see another receiver involved more in the offense. Up until the last drive, Thielen was the main man catching passes for the Vikings. Thielen went for 61 yards and a touchdown on 6 catches.

5. Dalvin Cook:

Cook got going this game coming just shy of his first 100-yard rushing game of the season with 96 yards on 17 carries. Cook looked more like his old self averaging 5.6 yards a carry, as well as scoring his first touchdown of the season.

Losers of the game

1. Greg Joseph:

This is the first time that a kicker has been awful for the Vikings and I am not that worried. Something about Greg Joseph just tells me that he is more mentally tough than the old fragile Vikings kickers. With that being said, Greg still falls in the loser category after missing two 50+ yard field goals.

2. Justin Jefferson:

I am not sure what has been the issue with JJ these past two games, but he just does not look right. JJ looked like he wasn't giving full effort out there and couldn't catch contested catches. I doubt this continues to happen for JJ, but it definitely was a little concerning and frustrating to see after such an amazing Week 1 game.

3. Jalen Reagor:

Reagor did not play much, but the muffed punt wasn't a great look even though we recovered it. I was expecting him to be a good returner, but he hasn't shown us anything yet.

4. Ed Donatell:

I'll keep this short, but Ed Donatell needs to step it up before he gets fired. The defense gives up way too many points to start the game. Another complaint from me is that we need to get more sacks and create turnovers. This team has a lot of talented edge rushers but we aren/t getting the end result of meeting at the quarterback mainly due to the lack of blitz packages.

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