Week 10: Winners & Losers vs Bills

The Vikings won 30-33 in the most outstanding game I have seen this team play moving them to 8-1 on the season.

5 Winners of the game

1. Justin Jefferson:

This man is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now. Insane game from an ELITE player. JJ went for 193 yards and a touchdown on 10 catches. That catch by Justin Jefferson on 4th and 18 was outstanding and the only reason this game even made it as far as it did. I am honestly speechless...this man is so special.

2. Patrick Peterson:

Patrick Peterson had TWO interceptions both in unbelievably clutch moments. Pat P caught one pick in the red zone to stop the Bills from closing out his game and then another red zone interception to WIN THE GAME. Peterson also added 2 pass deflections to his stat line. Outstanding game by Patrick Peterson.

3. Kirk Cousins:

WOW. Not everything was perfect for Kirk Cousins, he threw two interceptions in not-ideal situations. BUT, Kirk came back when it mattered. He led us down the field and put us in the best position to win down the stretch. Kirk threw for 357 yards and a touchdown in the unbelievable victory over the Bills. ADD ANOTHER 4TH QUARTER COMEBACK TO HIS STAT LINE.

4. Harrison Smith:

Harry didn't have another pick but, he had a huge game and great play to take the Bills off the field late in the game.

5. Kevin O'Connell:

This man is from heaven. Crazy the difference one guy can make for a usual .500 team. Kirk and KOC are on the same page and that is the reason this team is DIFFERENT this season.

Honorable Mentions: EVERYONE SKOL BABY

Losers of the game

1. The Referee:

That Gabe Davis "catch" not being reviewed was insane. Not a great day from the Refs, but things happen and we won. That is all that matters.

2. Ed Ingram:

Ed Ingram did not play well again. Not much has changed with him but we can hope he starts to improve soon.

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