Winners and Losers of Week 8 vs Cowboys

The Vikings lost in a terrible and disappointing 20-16 game against the Dallas Cowboys at home on Sunday Night Football. These lists are in no particular order as well just listed.

Winners of Sundays game

1. Adam Thielen:

Adam Thielen caught 6 passes for 78 yards as well as a touchdown on Cowboys "Star" Cornerback Trevon Diggs. Thielen has had back-to-back productive games now and should be utilized, even more, he's shown he most definitely has still got it it is just a matter of what the Vikings let him do.

2. Xavier Woods:

Xavier Woods has been a very solid player for this underwhelming Vikings secondary. He intercepted Cowboys QB Cooper Rush and forced a fumble recovery on a sack. Woods played very well for his "Revenge Game" against his former team, the Dallas Cowboys.

3. Dalvin Cook:

Dalvin Cook rushed for 78 yards on 18 carries having himself a good day on the ground. He needs to be used better in certain situations, I don't understand why we will pass for 9 straight plays and not have it work and then run to the point where it doesn't work. Use Cook in the passing/screen game more it works very well, but we decide to utilize him weirdly.

4. Christian Darrisaw:

Some people may disagree with this one but Christian Darrisaw faced off against a very good and underrated Defensive End in Randy Gregory this week. He allowed 3 pressures and 1 sack, but was incredible in run blocking. For a rookie, he continues to show good signs for the future.

Losers of Sundays game

1. Mike Zimmer:

I just don't know what to say anymore...this team has been underprepared and badly managed all season long. There isn't much to blame other than Zimmer. He has been bailed out by Kirk multiple times this season, but we finally lost again and it shows how terrible Zimmer has been this year. I just do not understand how you cannot rally this team of extremely talented players to win games, he has been horrendous in clock management and is playing for field goals at this point. There is no excuse for that defensive delay of game call yesterday, how do you forget that you just called a timeout, in that critical of a moment, on 3rd and long? This is getting ridiculous and I don't know what to say anymore besides that maybe it is time for a change.

2. Klint Kubiak:

I am just going to keep this short and sweet. Vikings FULLBACK C.J. Ham had more receptions(3) than STAR wide receiver Justin Jefferson(2). How do you have so many designed plays for C.J. Ham to get the ball, in the passing game no less? He is a fantastic run blocker but stop trying to make him something he isn't.

Borderline Losers: Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson(meh) and The Secondary.

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