Vikings Sign All-Pro Harrison Smith to Huge Deal

The Vikings signed All-Pro Safety Harrison Smith to a 4-year, $64M extension, per source. The deal makes Smith the second-highest-paid safety in the NFL at the age of 32. Harrison Smith overall is in Minnesota for 5-years where he will earn $74.83M. This deal most likely locks up the Legendary Viking to spend the rest of his career in Minnesota. It may seem like an interesting move to give a 32-year old safety a four-year extension, but the deal only includes $26.38M guaranteed.

In the next 5 seasons, Harrison Smith's dead cap is very beneficial for the Vikings. Assuming Harrison is with the team until 2023 at least, he would only cause the Vikings to have $3.8M dead money in 2024 and $1.9M in dead money in 2025 if cut. The team would save $31.5M in cap space just across the years 2024 and 2025 where Harrison Smith would be 36-37 years old. The Vikings got a steal with this deal with backloading the cap hit in his later years where he could potentially not be with the team anymore, while only paying $6.9M in 2021, $13.4M in 2022, and $17.2M in 2023 against the cap.

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