Vikings pass on Jim Harbaugh

The Vikings have decided to pass on Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh after a lot of buzz of him being the Vikings top guy.

It was surprising to see the random reports of the Vikings and Jim Harbaugh mutually interested in each other on Saturday, but the Vikings interviewed him and put an end to the buzz of him coming to Minnesota.

For some reason when people think of Jim Harbaugh they roll their eyes, but for no warranted reason. His success as a Head Coach is truly amazing throughout his coaching career.

Jim Harbaugh took over a mediocre San Francisco 49ers team that went 21-27 in the three seasons prior to his arrival. In 2011, Harbaugh lead the 49ers to the playoffs reaching the NFC Championship game. In his next two seasons, he would make it back to the NFC Championship to make it three appearances in a row, as well as a Super Bowl appearance in 2012 against the John Harbaugh-led Baltimore Ravens. Harbaugh went 8-8 in 2014, missing the playoffs and leaving the 49ers organization due to internal relationship issues with the Niners general manager and ownership. The Niners after going 44-19-1 with three straight NFC Championship game appearances under Harbaugh went 7-25 in the two seasons after his departure.

Jim Harbaugh also coached at Stanford University from 2007 to 2010 where he spent three seasons helping in the development of former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, and 1st-overall pick Andrew Luck. After Harbaugh left the Niners he became the Head Coach for the University of Michigan, where he played from 1993 to 1996. Harbaugh has had a lot of success coaching at Michigan and won the Big 10 Championship in 2021.

When you take a look back at Harbaugh's career as a player and coach the big thing you will notice is he is an awesome evaluator of quarterbacks. Harbaugh was drafted as a quarterback in 1987 with the 29th-overall pick, coached Andrew Luck at Stanford, coached Alex Smith to the best record of his career at 13-3, and replaced Alex Smith after going 19-5-1 with him for a more versatile and dynamic quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, who led them to a Super Bowl in 2012.

I definitely think the Vikings would have been successful with Jim Harbaugh, but ultimately he was not their guy after a long interview with him.

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