Vikings get 12th Overall Pick

The Minnesota Vikings went into the day being able to gain any pick in the first round from #8 to #15. Luckily for the Vikings, despite winning in a meaningless game to the Chicago Bears they came away with the 12th Overall Draft Pick in the NFL Draft.

Almost everything went positively for the Vikings today, they won which is always a good feeling, Zimmer most likely coached his last game in Minnesota and, 3 of the teams the Vikings needed to win did so. The Dolphins won an unexpected game against the Patriots, the Saints beat the Falcons and, the Browns were able to come away with a win over the Bengals. All these games lead to the Vikings keeping the #12 pick in the draft after their win.

Now, why is this such a huge difference being inside the Top 12 rather than the Top 15? In past drafts usually, after the 12th Pick Best Player Available Value starts to dip off and the Vikings are in a sweet spot with an already well-built roster.

The Vikings going into the offseason with the 12 Overall pick, QB on his last year under contract, Top 3 Offensive group of Weapons and, workable pieces on defense make their expected open Head Coaching spot that much more intriguing. I would be surprised if the Vikings weren't the "hot spot" for upcoming Head Coaching Candidates this offseason.

I will be sure to do an article recapping on the 2021 season as well as plenty of Head Coaching candidates and potential draft pick choice lists this offseason. Thank you for all of the support thus far and I am excited about this upcoming offseason!

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