Kirk Cousins 2022 Landing Spots

With the recent hiring of new Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, there could be a strong possibility that the Vikings decide to part ways with the 10-year veteran quarterback.

Possible Landing Spots for Kirk Cousins in the 2022 Offseason via trade:

1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the recent news of future HOFer Tom Brady retiring after 22 seasons in the NFL, the Buccaneers will be a hot spot and contender to make a move for a quarterback. Bruce Arians told the media he would be back for 2022 and with the Bucs current roster, they are certainly still in a "win-now" contender mode. What better place for Kirk Cousins than a top offensive Line, incredible weapons in the run/pass game, a stellar defense on the other side of the football, and great coaching staff. This really could be a realistic spot for Kirk Cousins if the Bucs try and run it back with the personnel they already have in place.


2. The Cleveland Browns

The Kirk to Cleveland steam has started to die down as the playoffs have progressed, but it could still be a realistic option for both teams. After Baker's disappointing season it could be time for the Browns to move on just 1-year removed from leading them to the playoffs for the first time in nearly two decades. The ties between Kevin Stefanski and Kirk Cousins could be just enough for this to actually happen, Stefanski spent the 2018 season as Kirk's QB coach, before filling in as an Interim OC and being promoted to full-time OC in 2019. If this trade were to happen it would most likely include the Vikings taking on Baker Mayfield's final year of his rookie contract as a bridge quarterback leading to the future.


3. The Denver Broncos

It seems as if Denver could be the leading team in the Aaron Rodgers race if he is to be traded in the offseason. In the circumstance that they are unable to acquire Rodgers, they could use trading for Kirk Cousins as a fallback option. The Broncos have been unable to find a reliable quarterback ever since Peyton Manning retired in 2016. They recently hired a new head coach in Nathaniel Hackett, who has watched Kirk play against his former Packers team twice a season since 2019. Denver also has a GM in George Patton who was a part of the Vikings front office when they signed Kirk Cousins in 2018. These ties of familiarity could lead this to be the option Denver decides to go to finally obtain a competent quarterback.


4. The Pittsburgh Steelers

With future HOFer Ben Roethlisberger retiring after 18 seasons in the NFL, it is time for the Steelers to look for a new quarterback. The Steelers and Kirk Cousins do not have any ties together, but it could be a good fit for both sides. I don't see Mike Tomlin wanting to rebuild especially after making the playoffs with below-average QB play this season. The Steelers have good weapons on offense, as well as a top-level defense so to make a trade for Kirk Cousins it could make sense. The steelers would definitely need to evaluate how to fix the offensive line before they make any moves, but I could see Kirk leading the Steelers to the playoffs with the personnel and coaching around him.


5. The Indianapolis Colts

After a solid season that ended in a huge disappointment in being eliminated by the #1 overall draft pick Jaguars, the Colts could likely be looking to move on from Carson Wentz after just one season. The front office did not seem very confident in the return of Carson Wentz for the 2022 season, which could imply that the organization is not the biggest fan of the quarterback. The Colts trading away Wentz to one of the other teams listed above and then trading for Kirk Cousins could be a viable option. Indianapolis has the right coach, a fantastic offensive line, an MVP candidate running back, and an ELITE defense. This could be one of the better options for not only Kirk Cousins, but both teams looking for a fresh start at the quarterback position.

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