Free Agents with Kevin O'Connell connections

With the Vikings being under the coaching of Kevin O'Connell there are some Offensive Free Agents that are linked to him that could benefit the Minnesota Vikings.

Potential Free Agent Targets:

Player Name ~ Team Position ~ Years with O'Connell

Brandon Scherff ~ Washington Offensive Guard ~ 2017-2019

2021 PFF Stats: 73.6 PFF Grade ~ 697 Snaps ~ 0 sacks allowed

Scherff, who spent the 2021 season on a franchise tag, has been a fan favorite for years for Vikings fans. This could finally be the offseason the All-Pro Offensive Guard reunites with his former quarterback and offensive coordinator.


Austin Corbett ~ Rams Offensive Guard ~ 2020-2021

2021 PFF Stats: 68.8 PFF Grade ~ 1,081 Snaps ~ 3 sacks allowed

Corbett has been a very solid piece to a good Rams offensive line for years now and could be a cheaper option for the Vikings to fix the guard position. After winning a super bowl and playing well in Kevin O'Connell's scheme Austin Corbett could find his way to Minnesota this offseason.


Brian Allen ~ Rams Center ~ 2020-2021

2021 PFF Stats: 80.2 PFF Grade ~ 903 Snaps ~ 5 sacks allowed

With Center being the biggest need to the offensive line, Brian Allen could be the missing piece to a young and high-potential group of players looking to breakout in 2022.


Odell Beckham ~ Rams Wide Receiver ~ 2021

2021 Stats: 12 games ~ 48 REC ~ 593 YDs ~ 7 TDs

By no means is wide receiver a need for the Vikings, but with the great season, Odell Beckham had in Los Angeles it is fun to imagine a wide receiver room of Jefferson, Thielen, Osborn, and Odell. This could also be an option in the potential scenario the Vikings can't get Thielen to take less money in 2022.

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